Thursday, August 04, 2005

Link Envy

Blogger Existentialist Crisis #17

Because I feel very close to you, I've decided it's Share Time.

I just discovered that one of my favourite bloggers of all time; someone I admire, someone who I read daily, whose comments I fill with bon mots that glisten like diamonds, who I would almost consider taking up drinking again for just so that we could hang out on their porch and get trashed and talk about boys and how much we love, love, love Mr Ben Affleck (even in the heavy times) and hate, hate, hate Tom Cruise...

(Sorry, give me a moment. I need to pull it together...)

OK, so, imagine if you will someone else from this person's Comments Community goes and gets themselves a blog. Gets some traffic, you even help 'em out a little, link to 'em and send 'em some readers. Show them some kindness.

Here's the kicker, not only do they (let's call them 'Johnny Come Lately') get themselves a shout-out entry, but their very own sidebar link.

Yes folks, I have fallen victim to Link Envy. Now if you'll excuse me, there's poetry to write and a few more Patsy Cline disks to work my way through.


Bodhi said...

Link envy? And I say again, Link envy? This is what fuels the existential winter of your discontent?

Link Envy.

OOooooohhh .... kay then [backing away slowly]. Poetry!? Patsy Cline!!? You are beginning to scare me now, Andrew.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

So... judging.

Max said...

What's scarier--link envy angst or the fact that I IMMEDIATELY knew the two parties being referred to in the post? :-)

Fear not (and envy not)--you and your comments are much-loved, even if the sidebars don't show it. I'd wager no malice is involved here, just a simple oversight.

Oh, and you've been on my sidebar since I switched over to Wordpress. I'm just sayin'... :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Har! Yes Max, we have the same peeps. Oh, and I was so puffed up with pride when I spotted that you had linked me on your sidebar! Hey, but that's a whole other entry...

I deliberately made it as thinly veiled as possible. I hope it comes throught that this post is a joke, right? RIGHT? (Otherwise I'd probably need to kiss some serious butt.)


Michael said...

Oh, Andrew. My dear, sweet, stupid Andrew. A few tasty bon mots does not a sidebar link beget. Maybe you should try the same tack you used to get me to link you. (i.e. bi-monthly servicing)

The Other Andrew said...


(I need an emoticon for 'Butt Kissing'...)