Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Link Love

Today, being Wednesday, I'm rocking the following linkage:
  • Using Aussie blogs to do a bit of surfing around my old home town of Adelaide. Eh, Adelaide? First things first, here's a city centre map.
  • Digging The Adelaide 'Alleys and Side Streets' Project, a curious and wonderful photoblog of the alleys and sidestreets of Adelaide.
  • This is a project of Sparrow, and Adelaide blogger who has a blog called Flight Of The Sparrow.
  • On a more global scale, I've been reading a lot of Indian weblogs lately and especially photoblogs. (I mentioned at least one of them previously, and talked about some others here.) So I happened across a newish blog from a local girl and was surprised to find one of the weblogs in her links list was an Indian photoblog I like, none other than Deepak G. Two degrees of seperation? Interweb, thou art always a surprise.
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