Saturday, February 26, 2005

Get Me Henny Penny, Stat

When I arrived home this afternoon from a picnic in honour of my friend Sarah's birthday, I had trouble opening the front door. The reason? Apparently, while I was out HALF MY HOUSE FELL DOWN!

OK, not quite, but the architrave over the front door and one long side of the hallway came crashing down. I'm just glad none of us were under it and nothing else was damaged. Getting it fixed is going to be a huge pain, as I'll have to organise it myself. I rent from friends, who have now moved away. To Korea.

Of course it didn't happen while I was unemployed and could have hung around the house making small talk and inappropriately staring at some (hopefully) hunky repair men...

Two views of my modified hallway:

The sky really is falling. 26th February, 2005.

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