Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Colour Me Surprised

Surprising recent events and things I have learned:
  • On Saturday morning when I was all on my lonesome at the Buddhist centre and waiting for the other volunteers to show, I opened the door to two door knocking Jehovah's Witnesses. If the fact that we actually had a pleasant chat wasn't surprising enough, the big surprise came when they stopped just short of calling me an idolator. Restraint.
  • Sitting in my bathrobe until lunchtime on the interweb is not getting me a job, but the seeds of laziness are bearing fruit on this website. Or something.
  • On a three hour car journey June Tabor is waaaaaay more boring to listen to than Emmylou Harris. The surprise? Someone makes Emmylou Harris sound interesting.
  • Having been told by my flatmate* that Dave came second on The Biggest Loser (yes, because I read US blogs I already know who wins), it was a pleasant surprise last night to see him get cut. How much do I love the dramatic ritual of the turning off of the refrigerator? Genius.

    *Flatmate = Aussie slang for room mate. It makes more sense too, I mean we don't share a room. Ewww.
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