Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday Link-o-rama

Today I'm into:
  • The beautiful artwork and gorgeous colours of Gustav Klimt. Lots more Klimt pics can be found here.
  • My new book Gaudi: Complete Works by Aurora Cuito and Cristina Montes.
  • The mosaic technique frequently used by Gaudi known as trencadis [site in Spanish], which he used to great effect on the park bench at Parc Guell in Barcelona. A comprehensive look at the trencadis works of Gaudi (and his assistant Jujol) in Parc Guell can be found at Joy of Shards.
  • The Scottish art nouveau of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and his surviving works (which are quite numerous).
  • New Indian photoblogs I recently discovered, especially Vivek's, Sudarshan's, Deepak's and the previously mentioned Nilesh's 'Shutterbug'.

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