Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rufus Redux

Last night I went to see everyone's favourite 'mo crooner Rufus Wainwright at The Basement here in Sydney, with my ex and a couple of friends. Mikey is a huge fan of his music, and introduced me to his stuff early on in our relationship when he bought a CD of his for me as a gift. I think Mikey got initially tuned into the pining for the boy you can't have/unrequited love songs Rufus writes and sings so well, before moving on to his more joyous songs.

Some impressions from the gig:
  • 40 minutes late on stage is quite a while to keep any audience waiting.
  • Rufus is cute, although is it just me or does he seem, well, to be kind of out of it just a little?
  • Is he slurring? Yup, I think he might be a bit drunk.
  • He sounds camper than I thought he would. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but from his singing voice I thought he'd sound a bit more masculine.
  • A disasterous blind-date of Mikey's is in the crowd, and Mikey's trying to avoid him and being a bit rattled.
  • Rufus is excellent, and if he was drunk initially, well, he seems to have recovered fast.
  • He's very funny, particularly the story about the time Bea Arthur told him to fuck off. What is it with gay men and The Golden Girls?
  • Sobriety (mine, not Rufus's) is good, but I think concerts are a bit more fun when you have a couple of shots under your belt. I have drunk so much soda water that I need to pee like a demon, and there is no hope of me getting through the crowd to the bathroom.
  • Wow, three encores and about 8 songs later it's getting late and I think the staff want to go home. Me too.
  • All in all, a fantastic night!
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