Monday, February 07, 2005

Reasons To Be Cheerfull, Part I

I avoided posting anything yesterday, out of respect for the blogosphere. Yes my ducks yesterday was woe, woe, WOE IS ME! day. I woke up with a headache and a sore throat, which turned out to be the high point. There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Of course, I'm not talking literally here but I think I came close.)

Anyhoo. Today is a better day:
  • The weather is indescribably gorgeous

  • I had had a smashing falafel, eggplant and homous wrap for lunch

  • Followed by a Blueberry Danish ice cream (so wrong, and yet so right)

  • I got a phone call from the employment agency and I have a temp job starting later this week, which should last for 5 weeks

  • Tonight is the second week of the current module of my Buddhist course, and I'm really looking forward to it

  • While I'm listing all the Good Things(tm), I went over to my ex's apartment on Saturday and we hung out and watched a few DVDs. I got to see one of my favourite films of all time again, Hedwig And The Angry Inch. Yeah Gods I love this film! Then to add colour and shade we watched something not so great, Equilibrium. Eh, not good. Potential, but not good.

    Equilibrium Haikus

    Christian Bale looks cute
    Sean Bean likes to feel, that's bad
    They both have nice hair

    The future is grey
    Long dark coats, look like Prada
    Where is Keanu?

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