Saturday, February 12, 2005

Working 9 To 5 (30)

The time finally came to get off my rapidly expanding ass and emerge blinking into the sunlight. I started my new job on Thursday. It's only estimated to be a five week contract position, but I'm replacing someone who is very ill and has gone on extended sick leave (and it was whispered to me she may never come back, she's that sick). I hope for her sake that she recovers. It's a basic bookkeeping gig although the company is quite large, and so it's a busy office. They are really well organised and both the office and my co-workers are nice, so I think it'll be a good job for however long it lasts.

Oh and even better, it's a construction company and I had no idea that two of my new favourite words would be junior engineer. Add those my other already favourite word redhead, and well, some serious mojo right there. This particular Vision Splendid passes by my office about 20 times a day, but who's counting?

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