Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tchotchke Central

I'm not a huge fan of ornaments, tchotchkes or gewgaws. To paraphrase Edina Monsoon from this episode of AbFab:
"I want clean lines and surfaces, darling. I don't want things, on places. Clear! Clear!!"

My idea of hell would be a house full of this, or even worse this.

But having said that, I find these Mouseion Collection by Parastone figurines based on famous artworks oddly appealing. Especially the Bosch, Klimt and Dali figurines. (Not that I would ever buy the little dust collectors of course, but I think for the most part they have done a nice job of translating the images to 3D.)

[Link to Bosch figurines originally via Things Magazine.]


Anonymous said...

Interesting that your fresh hell/Lladro' link actually pictures a figurine from their (inspired by) Klimt collection. OK, OK, I buy my mom something from Lladro' every year. Makes her cry every time, so don't judge me too harshly.

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah well, there's good Klimt and then there's...

I'm scarred by having worked in a department store when I first started working, and having worked in a gift department that sold Lladro. People spent thousands on that stuff. Oh, and I had to dust the motherf*ckers and try not to break the tiny paper thin flowers on some of the figurines. Which I did *mostly* successfully.