Friday, February 18, 2005

My Waters Are Running Fast & Shallow

Today, being Friday, I'm feeling unusually superficial:
  • *surface magazine makes me want to be thin, rich, Eurotrash
  • Need a pair of (shush, last season) Balenciaga duds at 50% off? A cheeky Helmut Lang tank top at $108, U.S.? The folks at Yoox can show the way.
  • However, skip their CD range. When I checked it out it consisted of two cds. That's not a range, that's the contents of someone's glove compartment
  • I though this company would sell all manner of cool bombs and trip wire activated things to foil the Road Runner, with a name like ACME. They do make nice computer bags though. I wonder if they have one to fit a second hand, circa 1995, beige miracle machine, about the size of a family sedan, with a cooling fan that sounds like a Hell's Angels drive-by... because I could use one of those. (It'd need wheels I suspect.)
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