Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday Link-O-Rama

In celebration of the fact that I'm sitting at my computer unshaved and in my dressing gown, I bring you some stylish linkage:
  • 70's street fashion by Ossie Clark and others at C20 Vintage Fashion
  • The gorgeous new book about the 60's and 70's stylish juggernaut that was Biba; fashion label, lifestyle and eventually grand department store
  • Mourning the fact that Pari, owner of the world's foremost collection of Biba fashion and collectibles, and supplier of most of the items in the above book, seems to have let her domain expire. [Check back and see if she renews, because her website has a fabulous amount of Biba clothes and info.]
  • The wonderful historical fashion collections of the Met and the Kyoto Costume Institute
  • Loving the easy to use, and comprehensive, fashion pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • I draw the line though at making my own swimwear and posing pouches, like StitchBoy and friends

    Anonymous said...

    Is a dressing gown like a caftan, Bea Arthur?

    The Other Andrew said...

    Bea Arthur! She's way butcher, and has a deeper voice, than I. Thank you very much!

    Dressing Gown = local parlance for 'bathrobe'. Comprendayvoo?