Sunday, January 09, 2005

Homes Of The Future?

Somehow I completely missed the fact that last year was the Year of the Built Environment, and I'm kicking myself because I love architecture and design, and especially concept houses. Case in point, this project slipped by unnoticed, as did the exhibition. Fortunately it seems that the exhibition might be moving to Sydney Olympic Park during 2005.

(I have to admit though that I'm disappointed that by 2005 we aren't living in homes like this or like the ones this guy predicted. Don't even get me started on jet packs or hovercraft.)

Some of the six houses in the exhibition look quite cool, but a few just look impractical. An all glass nanotechnology house? Umm, sure. I love the idea of the temporary cardboard house (so long as it actually keeps the weather out), and if this could be prefabbed quickly and cheaply it could be a useful way to provide an emergency housing solution. It would certainly be cheaper to transport.

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