Friday, January 28, 2005

Slow On The Uptake, But I Get There In The End

I'm frequently slow to join the party. Years after everyone else, I got my first mobile 'phone. About 4 months ago I got a DVD player. iPod, not even on the horizon my friend. Harry Potter, read him first when everyone was on book four. Green is the new black, I'm still on black (ok, maybe brown).

To add to that list, I have just dicovered Witold Riedel and his beautiful words and pictures. One of the things he is famous for are his The Bear pictures, adventures in scale and emotional nuance with a tiny 2.5cm bear.

Oh and if you have never heard of Witold, well thanks, that makes me feel much better.


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of him, but now I'm utterly charmed. Thanks.

The Other Andrew said...

You're welcome, I love The Bear pictures in particular! Some are sweet and funny, but most seem poignant and a little sad to me.