Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Helping Hand

A while back I started reading a lot of Indian blogs and photoblogs. In part because I have always had a fascination with India, but also because the fact that most of them are written in English makes them so accessible.

It has been really remarkable to see the first hand work some of the Indian bloggers are doing to aid the Tsunami affected people of India. Case in point Kiruba (aka 'Kribs') has been purchasing fishing nets and cooking equipment for affected villages, and has been travelling with other bloggers such as Anita to distribute the aid personally. It seems that they are specifically helping to ensure that some of the smaller affected areas don't get overlooked, while the big aid agencies focus on the larger and worst hit areas.

Amazing stuff.


Anita said...

thanks andrew. it's like a drop in the ocean considering the scale of the devastation but we are hoping to spread the word around and get more people contributing in any way they can...

The Other Andrew said...

Well Anita, credit where credit is due. I think you guys are doing a great job, and very thoughtfully so as to 'fill in the gaps' that could easily be overlooked by the large aid agencies. Well done.