Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bolly Alright For You, Pats?

It is embarassing to admit, but I suspect that inside my 40 year old man's chest might beat the heart of a 15 year old Indian girl. Yes folks I bring you my latest crush. Aftab Shivdesani, Bollywood actor of such films as the deeply silly Masti [warning, slow loading Flash animation for days].

Bollywood films and music have always been two of my more obscure guilty pleasures. The liking for which is also shared by my friend John. The other night he leant me a couple of DVDs he had bought from his local Indian grocer (which his wife refuses to allow him to watch, on account of a low threshold for camp sillines), one of which was Masti.

If you have read point 67 of my previous entry 100 things you will know that I frequently find Indian men attractive. What my ex-boyfriend Stephen, who is himself Anglo-Indian, refers to as men with a 'a touch of the tinge' about them.

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