Monday, January 17, 2005

More Newtown Public Art

As I mentioned last week, my suburb of Newtown is blessed with some really cool public art. A couple of years back I took these pictures of some murals which are tucked away in one of the back lanes of Newtown*. I'm happy to say that the murals are still there, and haven't been defaced with graffiti.

I don't know who's work this is, but I think these murals are really sweet. Sure, it isn't great poetry or anything, but the combination of the text and pictures I find really charming. I also like the fact that you have to sort of accidently stumble on these to know they are there.

The Goddess goes searching. Newtown, Sydney, 2003.

"The beautiful goddess leaves home to find the man of her dreams."

The Goddess finds true love. Newtown, Sydney, 2003.

"While the goddess found rare men who matched her list, none were "Mr Right". So she journeyed home from where she had taken flight. There she found a man she had missed, and she forgot her list, for he was charming and true. In his eyes she was always beautiful, and so true love grew."

* In the old days the lanes were used to collect 'night soil', yup there was no sewerage in the neighbourhood so the toilets at the bottom of each garden had a pail which was collected each day. I know, gross. Consequently almost every house has a street front and a rear lane access - although thankfully we have sewerage plumbing and even indoor toilets now!

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