Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Hit List

Today, being Friday, I'm into an odd assortment of stuff:
  • Ginger Chews. So gingery! So Chewy!
  • Perfect steamed rice. For once, truth in advertising. So perfect! So steamy! So... ricey! (OK I'm stopping now.)
  • I'm also into Nestle 'Alpine Blend' drinking chocolate, but I Googled 'Nestle' and got about a hundred Boycott Nestle! sites. So let's not go there, shall we?
  • Just to show it's not all about food, I'm digging beautiful women and drop-dead gorgeous divas.
  • Listening to PaulMac's fantastic 2001 release 3000 Feet High, especially the wonderful 'dumpee' song Just The Thing, and the best ever 'dumper' song The Sound Of Breaking Up. [Samples can be downloaded here.]
  • The hilarious T-shirt design you can download from Paul's site.
  • No, there's been no dumpee or dumper action in my life of late, just enjoying the PaulMac nostalgia.
  • On the subject of which, I'm also musing on how nice the Paul behind PaulMac is. I was introduced to him once at a local pub once. Sweet and friendly.

    Eclectic, much?

    Anonymous said...

    It's the hive mind we share, Andrew, that led you to Rupaul this week. God help me, but I saw her in Dayton last weekend.

    The Other Andrew said...

    Hey! Hive mind it must be, I'm guessing you're Queen Bee though... right?

    I'll bet Miss RuPaul Charles kicked ass. I saw her years ago here in Sydney and she was fantastic. Years later I sent RuPaul an email thanks via the weblog for such a great night and RuPaul was sweet enough to write back. A class act.