Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Universe Strikes Back

Remember my last post? You know, the one about being all introspective and stuff? How, I needed to get going and not spend so much time in my head? Well, I found a cure!

Break a toe!!

Yup, I misjudged the step up from my kitchen to my hallway the other night and kicked the step instead of stepping up onto it. In bare feet.

So I did the standard toe stubbing procedure: 1. grab said toes, 2. hop up and down on other foot, 3. roll eyes, 4. throw back head and let rip every expletive known, 5. make up new expletives, because the others just aren't cutting it. 5 minutes in and three little toes where heading back to normalcy while one recalcitrant (the second toe, the one next to the big toe) was not.

Fortunately it's summer here, so I can get away with wearing sandals at the moment, but the poor little thing is sitting there bloated, purple, black nailed. Hey, I have a Goth toe! Cool.

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