Sunday, April 26, 2009


The video cavalcade continues! So you know, sorry if I'm like crashing your browser or whatever with all these clips (and dial-up people, really, broadband... think about it), but colour and movement! I am all about the colour and movement.

I have a new love. Aussie songbird Sia. Watch this clip of her on Letterman late last year for starters (and then listen to Letterman and Paul gush):

And the sign language and painted hands thing is something she does a lot of the time. Aside from the fact that I love her voice and her songwriting skills (she recently wrote and worked with Lady GaGa, apparently) I'm really impressed with her decision to sign in many of her clips. I'd like her even without it, but I just think it's a very cool thing for her to do.

I also wrote about the adorable Captain|Over who creates youtube clips of him signing pop songs. There is a common thread, I've been thinking of learning to sign for a while now. Aside from wanting to be able to communicate with deaf and hearing impaired people, I'm a big believer in life long learning. Auslan is actually a whole language, not just a way of translating English. I know I'm only in my 40s, but I think everyone should mentally stimulate themselves with learning new languages, and it's proved to be a way of staying mentally agile as you age.

Anyhoo, Sia. Check out this amazing clip of her song "Buttons" on "Live With Jools Holland", using the ultraviolet light concept which she would then re-create on our local show "Rove Live":

I love this song!

I just saw a brief interview with her on one of our morning music video shows, and she comes across as really sweet, funny and articulate. Ok, I'm gushing. Stopping now! Go check out her website and search for her other clips on youtube. As one of our tv presenters here in OZ used to always say, do yourself a favour.


jason said...

love this (her)!

My ex was once in one of her earlier videos, actually.

Love seeing Jools again too, for the record.

The Other Andrew said...

Wow, much less than 6 degrees of separation! That's so cool.

Lara said...

I wish I knew more sign. We've been teaching Inigo a bit of sign, every time he sees (or hears) a bird, he does the sign. It's very cute, but every time I see it, I wish I knew more to teach him.

lochness said...

I seriously didn't realise that Sia was Australian - I discovered her when I was watching Six Feet Under and her song "Breathe Me" was the final track on the final episode... I recommend you listening to Breathe Me - do you have any of her albums? I need to get her new one. :D

The Other Andrew said...

Lara I saw a thing on tv about the success people were having with getting young kids to sign. Allowing them to communiacte before the developed language skills. Fascinating stuff.

'Ness, that song on 6 Feet Under reinvigorated her career apparently!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Learn sign language! I'm learning right now and it's amazing - so much more intuitive than spoken languages. I think SIA is using American Sign Language - or maybe Australian is close enough? Because I was able to recognize much of what she signed. Anyway, I didn't know of Sia and I'm so glad you showed me!

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