Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Do Your Sign "You're Adorable!"?

I was cruising a favourite, ahem, adult entertainment site for gay men (Porn site QueerClick, which is unsurprisingly NSFW! Thank goodness.) when I noticed a little news story about hottie youtuber Captain|Over, aka Michael DiMartino. DiMartino is a handsome gay New Yorker, a sign language interpreter by trade, who through a mixture of signing, dance and rhythmic cutting, is creating music clips that both the hearing and deaf communities can enjoy.

Especially if you also appreciate a bit of hot boy shirtless torso with your signing!

Bloggers ORD to LAX have a lovely interview with DiMartino on their blog.

Bows to present:

Apparently Britney recently added his clip of her song "Womanizer"[sic] to her own website. Sweet! Rather than get bent out of shape about copyright as many groups do about youtube, at least she could appreciate the fact that he is bringing her music to another audience. He's got some great moves and I love the way he incorporates the signing into the whole feel of the dance. Very cool.

[Also, check out Jamie and Marc of ORD to LAX while we're on the topic of adorableness!]


jason said...

love it!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

he's gorgeous and the clips are fabulous - what a tops thing to do :-)