Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fabric Mayhem!

I have fat quarters.

If someone had said that about me only a few months ago I would have assumed they were talking about my ass, but no. No! God help me but I have started buying quilting fabric. Frankly I need another craft in my life like the world economy needs another bank closure, but The Lure Of The Fabric has suckered me in.

One way they sell quilting fabric is in roughly 50cm x 50cm cut pieces that are called Fat Quarters. My favourite fabric store was having a 25% off sale yesterday, so I swung by just for a look. (The way crack addicts seek out dealers, just to keep abreast of current pricing.) At $3.75 a piece after discount, the pretty pretty fabrics had me.

I'm thinking that I might combine the blues and greens together, with lots of white in between to break it up, into one quilt. I like modern styles of quilts like this one, this one, this one, this one and pretty much every design this woman comes up with.

And I loved these charcoal and pale grey squares! I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of a freeform 'log cabin' style quilt with lots of white, some rich greys, a touch of black, and maybe a couple of spots of bright colour like an orange, a red, or maybe a fresh spring green.

See, bitten by the bug.


M-H said...

Can you email me please? Link on my blog. Ta.

Dr Q said...

I forsee a patchwork-led recovery to the Global Financial Crisis.

Thanks for the tip about the shop - somewhere to take Miss Dawn shopping.

The Other Andrew said...

If I could stitch the economy back together I would! I'm guessing a quilt will be easier. :)

(Hey Dr Q, we obviously know each other IRL but I don't recongise the pseudonym?... Hint?)

The Quilted Pomegranate said...

Oh, fabric addiction is so serious they have not even come up with any treatment except to make quilts and such!!!

The Other Andrew said...

TQP, subduing the chaos... one stitch at a time!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

TOA... DrQ is MsFoil with adding gravitas ;-)

I want that shop. not just a bit of it, or a few plump quarters, I want. it. all.