Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shrove Tuesday, Of A Sort

I've never been a tall and physically imposing person, but to confuse reality with metaphor, right now I'm flat as a pancake. Run through the mangle. Micron thin. It's only Tuesday and I feel as tired and jaded as if I've worked a few weeks without a break. All it has taken has been a couple of nights of broken sleep, some Wintery weather, a chesty cough (still) that just will not go... and... well that's probably enough. Work isn't even particularly stressfull at the moment, that mayhem happens in the first half of every month. (So next week, yay.)

On the upside I had a lovely phone call with Tall & Handsome, another call from my friend Stephen in Queensland, and now I'm watching the Indian episode of my favourite new program, the visually stunning Around The World In 80 Gardens. Let me tell you if there's one thing those Mughals knew how to do, that was gardens and stately pleasure domes decree.

And so to bed for an early night.

Oh but before I go, here's an interesting factoid. If you've read this blog for a while you might be familiar with the fact that I was put on a drug a while back to cure my restless leg related sleep problems. A very special drug that comes in a mink lined rosewood box, each tablet gold leafed by hand and inset with a semi-precious stone. Or at least, they should be given that they cost me $134 for a month's supply. Anyhoo, there's a new generic version on the market! Now they come in a silver gilt version in a lovely cedar box, with velvet lining for the princely sum of $100. So there's a saving right there. I'd rather they cost me $34 and I saved the $100, but you can't have everything right? So, my point (I do have one) is that the new tablets are a very curious shape. They're small, pink 10 sided polyhedrals.

Yes gamer nerds, every night now I take one small pink d10 with water before retiring.


Graeme said...

Poly Hedrals - wasn't she a drag queen at the Albury in 1987?

Or you're sure they're not Viagra in generic form?

Don't get your colours mixed up baby - could be disastrous ;-)

Ur-spo said...

RLS treatment is so much less expensive when you use scotch. I have it on the best of authority.

Mel said...

My generics are pink and round and cost around $25/month. Maybe the market will work in your favour and bring the price down more soon.

Nicole said...

i love love that tv show. the favourite was the garden made out of rubbish and was all statues and hidden, with lots of windy paths etc (yes love the labyrinth). Yay too generic medicines :)

NannaPeter said...

I also loved the recycled garden at the end. The whole mystic of a hidden garden stems back to childhood, when we would build "hidden" things from adults - cubbys & tunnels etc - the paddocks & creek behind the house.