Saturday, April 25, 2009

There Is An Epidemic Of Boy on Boy Kissing In The Music Industry!

Ok, not quite an epidemic, but here's a few.

Belgian singer (and serious mustache owner) Tom Helsen wants you to not worry about Every Little Thing. So don't, m'kay! Cute song, Tom's a bit of a dish, and stick with the clip until the denouement. Awww.

[Via The Gays of Daytime blog.]

Meanwhile super dishy Matt Alber thinks it's The End Of The World, so you might as well look your best with a new haircut... if you're going to face the music and dance that is.

I've posted this clip before... but some things bare repeating. Boys dancing! Fedoras! A barbershop without the quartet!

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Mel said...

I believe there was even a bit of tongue in that first one.

My verification word, believe it or not, is "caring". Awww