Saturday, April 04, 2009

"What I Did On My Blog Holiday" by The Other Andrew, Age 44 & 1/2

Hey ho everybody. Well that wasn't long! Is it a bit naff to dramatically announce a break (back of hand to brow) and then come back after only a week? I suspect it is a bit, but if this wasn't attention seeking then it wouldn't be blogging, right?

In reality I feel a little better, especially in the past day or so. Even as recently as Thursday I still felt congested, but yesterday and today I feel much better. Still hacking enough to get a free seat (and an exclusion zone) on the bus... but if that's what it takes to get a seat, so be it. Chalk that up to a bonus. 5 weeks in and I am ready for this to be done with, so cross everything that it's really going this time!

I got a little cabin crazy. Aside from going to work, and going to dinner a few nights ago, I've hardly left the house. My couch has a deeper ass shaped dent in it now than it ever had, and given that I'm a comfort eater (sigh) it's a marginally bigger dent too!

Anyhoo, that past week in a nutshell. A week in which I...

  • A power blackout. Thankfully it was the night after Earth Hour, so you know, thanks to lacksadaisical housekeeping the candles weren't even put away yet! Score.
  • A burnt thumb (damn your eyes homemade pizza!).
  • That cranky, irritable time of the month we in the accounting trade refer to as 'month end'.

  • Recovery.
  • This song full of dancing Harajuku-jin. The higher the hair, the closer to Elvis!
  • Actually, maybe it's a hair thing, because I'm digging this song by La Roux... and one thing she has got is a fab head of hair.
  • A foray into steampunk fiction (although I do agree with this reviewer that the characterisations are somewhat thin).
  • A fantastic night out with James, Tom, Colin and Judy at a special "Colonial Gastronomy: Spice" dinner at Elizabeth Bay House. 19th c dishes in one of Sydney's best preserved colonial homes, with a fantastic demonstration and talk about the colonial spice trade, good company and lashings of wine. Because in this life my motto* is "pics, or it didn't happen" of course there are photos (and as always, click them to enbiggen):

The Dining Room The Drawing Room
Centrepiece Sitar Player
First Course Purdy
Spice Lecture Taste Test

Did not enjoy:
  • Not blogging! Oh sure it was nice to not feel the pressure to come up with blog posts, but the flip side is that I'd find myself thinking I'm SO blogging this!... oh, crap.

(* Or one of them. Along with "never eat anything bigger than your head", "it's not cruel if it's funny", etc.)


thombeau said...

How many times have I dramatically left the blogosphere, only to come crawling back? More times than we dare say. Welcome home, sweetie!

Mel said...

A sitar, even! How very fab!

The Other Andrew said...

Thom, lol! You have a point there sir. Mwah!

Mel, a Dutch sitar player even!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

not in costume? does that count? the table and food looked divine!

Tom said...

Good to see you the other day - great photos!

I've got a quote on my fridge from Miss Piggy - "Never eat more than you can lift". It's for times when "Never eat anything bigger than your head" is too restrictive. :P

Ur-spo said...


i go away for a few days and you are back

I am glad though your hiatus was a brief one.

Grandfatherknits said...

So glad you are back. Missed hearing about food, fabric, your ass, and other delightful things.

Graeme said...

Oh my god, I thought you meant like a month or something. I was convinced you were near to death. I thought that underwear party had given you pneumonia.

Anyway, I've added the link thing to your site from my site - technical, technical, technical!

Anyway, thank god you're not dead. And you love doing this stuff so much that it is fine to have a tantrum and then regret it. Do you know the song 'Yesterday When I Was Mad' by the Pet Shop Boys?

If you have any advice on how to make me look thinner in my video webcam thingies, please do tell!

PS: You still got that boyf from the other side?

The Other Andrew said...

Tantrum sweetie? :)

I hadn't really set a timeframe for myself, just until I felt better and felt a little bit more inspired again. Thankfully the pneumonia is on the retreat, and I feel much better.

Yes Tall & Handsome and I are still dating, in fact we're going away together over Easter! He's teaching the botanical aspects of a course and I'm tagging along for the ride. It should be a nice time to hang out and take some photos in the bush. (so to speak)

Mikey (TLE) said...

Good to see you back on the horse (and with Easter coming up, in more ways than one).

It's been too long but I guess it'll have to wait til after Easter.

Jodie Sorrell said...

I thought you'd longer ;-) Have a lovely time in the 'bush'

LaDivaCucina said...

Crikey, I thought you meant it when you said you were taking a break and so I go away and look at all that i've missed! Bienvenidos, amiga! lx

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