Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Things About This Lovely Weekend: Lemony Fresh Edition

  • Seeing a woman, probably about 45 or so as far as I could tell, wearing a white leather coat and riding a candy pink coloured Vespa scooter. There's a woman dancing to her own beat I thought.
  • While I was in my favourite botanicals shop in Newtown I picked up a tester of an essential oil of litsea cubeba (aka May Chang). I must have accidentally touched it to the tip of my nose, and for the next half hour everything was overlaid with a lovely citrus lemon smell.
  • A fantastic (late!) night of dancing and socialising with my friend Christopher. I ran into a couple of old friends, chatted to some very pleasant strangers, had a few drinks, danced and danced some more. Fun!
  • Knitting! I recently picked up a previously hibernating project, while I was away in the bush in fact, and after 2 knitting group get-togethers this weekend I've almost finished Sock The First. Plus yesterday's knitting meet-up had 4 newbies, one of whom came along today to knit with us at The Courthouse Hotel. We love new people!
  • Pizza. I hadn't ordered in a pizza for ages and it's a cool, windy, Wintery night in Sydney tonight, just perfect for a night of sofa, the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" and a pizza before calling it an early night... at least that's the plan. Plus, cute pizza delivery boy whose thick accent made "pizza" sound like "peach-ah". Bless.


Tammy said...

Ahhh yes, the hot pizza boy, i know my anticapation runs rampant in the seconds before i open the door to reveal the mystery boy holding the steaming box.

Best pizza in Newtown is the Pizza shop down the chimney end of town, cant remember what it's called but my nose leads me there each time, the pizza is good, the boys not so much.

Mikey (TLE) said...

Disappointing result on SYTYCD.

The two best dancers were Amy and Ben. Charlie had the most stage presence. I thought Talia was the weakest dancer and the least interesting on stage. Yet she won. Go figure.

The Other Andrew said...

Tammy, it sounds like you're referring to "Pizza Picasso" on King St South maybe? I've had their pizzas, but never their delivery boys... so to speak.

Mikey, I actually thought Talia was an accomplished dancer but for me she didn't have the presence. I wanted Ben to win, or Amy. I really thought Charlie was going to get the public's vote though, he had a similar appeal to Jack that won last year. Biggest surprise of the evening, Ben is straight! Total Gaydar fail on that one!