Monday, April 06, 2009

Renew | Re-use | Recycle


After a really fun session of knitting at the pub yesterday afternoon, and between making a light supper (toast, because a) I had a huge late lunch at the pub and b) couldn't be arsed, frankly) and watching So You Think You Can Dance (Final 6!) last night, I decided to repair a bunch of clothes that have been in need of it for ages. In the word's of Kim from Kath & Kim (the funny Aussie one, not that other one ) I am loving myself sick right now!

I have vanquished. Things have been put right, and order restored. Importantly, no money was spent. We love that! (Unless we're in the mood for Retail Therapy that is, then OMG we can't spend it fast enough.)

Jeans were made hobbit leg length, and hemmed. Buttons were replaced on a couple of shirts. A pocket fixed. Shorts that had lost a waistband button (thread can only take so much strain) and had torn through under the crotch (fabric can only take so much strain, ha!) were repaired.

It feels good to have extended the life of some otherwise perfectly good clothes. Made them useful and wearable again, and in the 'grander' philosophical scheme of things to have done some recycling, reduced my expenditure and use of resources a teensy bit.

Oh, and I learned how to use the free motion darning function on my sewing machine! That's a bonus for sure, I mean, who knows how many fabric strained crotches are in my future?

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The Other Andrew said...

And before you ask, no I won't repair your clothes for you.

Crotches on the other hand, I'm willing to take a look at.