Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Going Bush

Yay for Easter, and yay for short weeks! I'm so looking forward to this weekend being a 4 day break, bookended on either side by blissfully short weeks. A 4 day working week sounds just about right, don't you think? Symmetrical. And in the process effectively doing away completely with the need for the Hump Day. Imagine every Tuesday night shutting the door to the office and thinking well, that's the week half done.

I think I'm on to something, frankly.

Anyhoo. Tall & Handsome, the Big Botanist, the Titan Taxonomist, arrives in town tomorrow night in a flurry of tall beardedness, and a trail of plant samples and knitting needles. Thursday morning he heads off about 5 hours north of Sydney (ish) to set up for a course he's teaching... and Thursday night I head off to join him! Yup, I'm going bush.

4 days of hanging out, spending bits of time with Tall & Handsome, grabbing my camera and going on some of the field trips, helping out around the camp and probably copious amounts of knitting/napping/reading. His fellow lecturers have made me feel most welcome, and I'm even getting a lift with one of them after work on Thursday evening. Aside from hanging out with T&H, something we have really had very little chance to do (given the distance that separates us), I'm also exciting about the potential photo op it presents. I won't have an internet connection, but I'm figuring I'll take the laptop along just in case, so I can download pics off the camera as I go.

And given that the week is half done (see how good that is?) I'm now really starting to get excited.


The Quilted Pomegranate said...

at first I thought this was some new fashion trend for misguided america-philes in honor of the finally out of office president of our weird nation.

Ah, relief, you are going to nature! Have fun with t&h and your needles.

Cecilia said...

Hey! You're back! Woo-hoo!!

I'll look forward to seeing the pictures and the all the knitting you'll get to do.

The Quilted Pomegranate: thanks for your comment! It made me laugh!

Ur-spo said...

that sounds jolly good fun!
Although 'going Bush' sounds like a political slur viz. being slow witted or something like W.

M-H said...

Have a great time. Hope we see you soon.

bernard said...

yay!!! Have a great time. XXX

Lara said...


Looking forward to the pics!

Kenyo said...

Regarding 4-day work weeks -- for 20+ years I worked at an art school near Los Angeles on the edge of the desert. It was very hot there and we had no summer classes. To save on air conditioning costs we got Friday Saturday and Sunday off every week from mid-May until the beginning of September.

It was wonderful.

Although we did work an extra hour every day to make up the time off on Friday. I said this was an art school so the administratiors thought an extra hour per day would be enough to ask of us.

Our summertime mantra was, "Thank God it's Thursday!"

LynS said...

I'm also looking forward to the pics from your bush experience. I managed the switch to working 4 days a week a few months ago, and it's wonderful. I have Mondays off, and the pleasure of getting to the end of the weekend and having another day without work is indescribable.

jason said...

Sounds like the only Bush worth going.
Have fun!