Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Venus On The Half Shell

A while ago I scored myself a lovely Mac laptop on long term loan from a friend, and she kindly left lots of fantastic software installed on it. Over the past few nights I've been fooling around with the Macromedia Fireworks graphics package, trying to teach myself how to use it. Fun!

Bows to present, my version of Venus On The Half Shell.

Not bad for a first try, even if I do say so myself. And a hottie in a posing pouch lifts any artwork above the mundane, don't you think?

[Click it lovingly to enbiggen.]


John C said...

Nice! Venus as a Beefcake?

We know you have a creative flair already with the knitting and photography. And your blog headers which are always very well-chosen and designed.

Rob said...

I love the word enbiggen :-)

Tall and Handsome said...

I thought you would have asked before you put my photo up. You know how shy I am at having my pecs displayed. :-p~~

jason said...

Beef on the half shell
or is that
surf and turf?

Either way, yum

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks John and Rob!

T&H, I thought about putting a black bar across your eyes p,otect your anonymity... but, many guys would have recognised you from the pouch anyway right?

Jason, penis on the half shell?

Tall and Handsome said...

Andrew- sadly, but true.All those yrs as a go-go boy ruins any anonymity.