Friday, February 20, 2009

5 Way Fun Things I Have Done This Week

  • Rummaged, exclaimed, declaimed, come over all woozy from excitement and ultimately purchased a bunch of gorgeous things at a shop called Bollywood Braid & Trims.
  • Forgotten all about the diet. Sorry, what diet? (Don't worry, only for part of the week and I'll be back on the path of righteousness next week.)
  • Posted an RSVP to attend the wedding of 2 friends. And I've volunteered to do their photos. And they're getting married in full Victorian dress! OK, steampunk wedding photos... too much?
  • Signed up for a Wardrobe Re-Fashion challenge. (More on that to come.)
  • Enjoyed walking in the rain for a few days, got well and truly over it by day 5, and then enjoyed walking in the sunshine even more.


LaDivaCucina said...

Where is this Bollywood bead and trim? I MUST GO!!!

The Other Andrew said...


(Just kidding, it's on King St south in Newtown, as you walk towards St Peters.)

kurt said...

just discovered your blog. laughing out loud. such a wry sense of wit and point of view. love it.

The Other Andrew said...

Thnks Kurt! That's so sweet. I'm glad to have you here.

Toasty said...

Squeal! The shop, I must hie me to this shop you speak of!

Also: If I can at all bribe you to squeeze a shot of my little family in at the wedding, I would be eternally grateful. We haven't had a group shot forever, and we will be Looking Nice.

PS: Steampunk photos would rock. Have you ever been to the location? Super stuff. I don't know where they'll have access to, but the house and grounds are to die for.