Monday, February 09, 2009

70s Photo Lab Archives

Sharon realised too late that there's no way was she's getting out of this with a full set of press-on nails.

The staff at the Kwik Pix photo lab were left with no option but to call Child Services. Crimes likes this could not go unpunished.

Education is for life. Starshadow took great pains to point out The Man, whenever the opportunity arose.

Yes he was teased, but after creating the world's largest burger chain... who's laughing now?

The Sid And Marty Krofft Renn Faire Experience Parade!(TM) was widely considered to be a disappointment.

Jerry wanted to be the 6th Jackson. Pete wanted to be Farrah Fawcett. Harvey just wanted to be visible.

(L to R) Jan Brady. Jan Brady. Jan Brady.

Shelley's parent's never understood why she spent so much time at the truckstop.

[Pics from Miss Tamie Lee via Vintage Photo.]


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Lovin the hairy chest!!

Martin Magdalene said...

Oh dude BEST HUMOUR OF 2009 SO FAR. Thank you for the gut laugh. Genius!


The Other Andrew said...

Thanks guys, glad it put a smile on your faces!

Michael Guy said...

LAUGHED MY BALLS OFF! Thanks for the grins, Andrew!!!

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Hilarious! Nice work :)

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fabulous photos, all!

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Thanks everyone!

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these are PURE GOLD.
love love love!