Friday, February 06, 2009


Top Of The Pops that is, bitches. Pop songs mimed sung live in front of a studio audience of British teens.

Noosha Fox "SSSingle Bed", 1976. Centre partings. Spread collars. I'd bet any money that dress is Biba.

Yes it's the same song, but this is another awesome TOTP outing for Noosha. And hello, can we see where Alison Goldfrapp got her inspiration? Plus, OMG capes are awesome.

Heaven 17 "Temptation", 1983. There isn't a single thing about this song that wasn't magic to me in 1983.

Chumbawumba "Tubthumping", 1997. Singing live with the word "pissing" curiously inaudible! Wow, mysterious microphone malfunction.


John C said...

I love Temptation, still think it's their finest moment. I don't remember Noosha, however. In 1976 I was more interested in Pink Floyd.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I only remember her as Fox, I don't remember the Noosha bit. gosh. but I remember THAT HAIR and THAT CAPE!!

and Heaven 17... yes! Temptation is still one of my favs. New Order also have a song called Temptation and it's just nothing in comparison.

we would have had the best time watching Countdown together, TOA :-)