Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dessert Du Jour

This where I exhibit a piece of my weirdness for The Internets. My favourite at home dessert - not chocolate, not tiramisu, compotes, bombes, clafoutis, meringues or anything brulee. No!

Equals heaven, quite frankly.

Instead it's kind of, well, baby food in a sense. But yummy! Take one tub of no fat French Vanilla yogurt (Formé by Yoplait, quell exotique nest pas?) and one small tub of apple and mixed berry puree (Goulburn Valley, adds a rustic all Aussie country home goodness feel, right?). Either combine, or, my own favourite method: grab a teaspoon, take a little scoop of puree (approximately half a teaspoon, or to taste), then add a little scoop of yogurt on top. Into gob.

Nom nom.


Mousicles said...

Don't knock the baby food. When getting the Crankmaster onto solids I'd happily nom up anything he didn't want. He ate so well.

Yoghurt and fruit puree gets the thumbs up from me.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm still smiling over "The Crankmaster"! :)

Mel said...

And when you've finished, do you burp yourself and change your nappy? ;-)

Tall and Handsiome said...

Sadly, Mel that is *my* job. Yuk