Sunday, February 15, 2009

GLBT Mardi Gras Fair Day, 15 Feb 2009!

Sunday, part 2.

OMG, what a fabulous day! Yes the weather was a bit crap, cool but sunny one minute, bucketing down with rain the next, then sunny and humid. Hello, pick just one and go with it Global Warming, at least I could plan my wardrobe.

My New Kilt Action Shot!

Speaking of which, kilt pics! (As promised.) I LOVED wearing it, and got lot of attention, including some favourable comments from strangers. In my opinion though there was one guy that looked better in a kilt on the day, and that was Mr Leather Sydney 2008 in a leather micro kilt. Woof.

Mathew Mitcham!

Oh yeah, and there was this other rather attractive boy there. OMG IT'S MATTHEW MITCHAM. SQUEEEEE!

Lachlan & Mathew

He and his partner Lachlan were just hanging out, watching the drag shows, while gay men all around (and I speak from first hand knowledge) were plotzing so hard. I could. Have. Died. I was too shy to talk to him but I did snap some pics, and I took a pic of Graeme with him for Graeme. (Who was braver than I). And you know what, he and Lachlan couldn't have been nicer and more gracious. Crush! These guys are a class act.

Gratuitous Underwear Competition Photo

Gratuitous underwear competition photo, no explanation required.

I'm Dying From The Cuteness Bec & Fin

The fair was as fun as always. The unpredictable weather was a nuisance, but didn't dampen (ha!) the spirit of the day. I wandered with Graeme and James, chatted with other friends I ran into and hung out at the Leather Pride stall and chatted with Fin and Bec (right) for some of the afternoon. Speaking of hot bitches (sorry ladies!) there were adorable puppers everywhere (left). I could die from the cuteness. Couldn't you?

Budweiser Bunny

The Budweiser Bunny! Sometimes the funny things you see, really. You could not make this stuff up.

Lions, And Tigers, And Bears.  Oh My. Button Nose!

How about that pink fur, and the licorice button nose! OMG, diabetic coma!

So it was a really fabulous afternoon, one of the most enjoyable Fair Days I've been to. A few beers, and lots of fun just hanging out with James and Graeme, and meeting up with people was had. It was so refreshing to be reminded of the diversity of the community again, and that is one of the great things about Fair Day. In my own small way I did my bit for the team by answering every darn community questionnaire that came my way.



Lara said...

Thank you for confirming that Matthew Mitcham is just as sweet as I thought he was. Is it wrong of me to share your crush?

Tom said...

Cool, I met Matthew Mitcham briefly once before he was famous, and he seemed like a nice guy!

Looking very nifty there in your kilt... time to knit some long socks to go with it though! :)

Kerry said...

Looking great in your kilt.Clive and I looked out for you but so many people..

sunrisesister said...

you are one sexy hoor:) you do the kilt well, dahling!

Tall and Handsome said...

Sweetie, you look *fantastic* in your kilt & clobber.

Fair Day- my fav event in MardiGras. Thanks for letting me live it vicariancely.

John C said...

The kilt looks great! Despite being far closer to Scotland than you are, I never see anyone round here wearing one.

And Matthew is such a cutie.

Toasty said...

Kicky Pleats!

Look how that lovely kilt swishes :-)

The rain put me off, but next year I'd like to go. Haven't been since... well, since the last time I went with Aveline.

Doorbitch: upardie. A cardie with attitude?

LaDivaCucina said...

Darling, the kilt looks divine!!! GREAT JOB! What an would have been a huge challenge for me pleats AND lining up all that plaid! I miss the Mardi Gras, looks like it was business as usual! (South Beach is having it's first Pride this year I've been told) Lx

Michael Guy said...

PLEATS to die for! Great work, Andrew! Sassy gams, sweetie...