Thursday, February 19, 2009

Food Coma Of Epic Proportions

I just had the most amazing Mexican meal of my increasingly longish life. Now Mexican is not a dominant cuisine in Oz, not as ubiquitous as Thai for example, but I've sought out Mexican restaurants wherever I can find them over the years. I'm a fan. Well, be gone shredded 'tasty' cheese (that isn't) and goops of sour cream because The Flying Fajita Sistas have got your number.

The service was friendly and non obtrusive, the Bohemia beer was tasty nom noms, the food fantastic, and the restaurant was one of the few on Glebe Point Rd that was actually full of diners, and atmosphere. So. Much. Food. I wish I could have managed a third course, but it was not to be. Even though there was something on the dessert menu that combined orange, coffee and caramel in what only can be described as (probable) brulee heaven.

Home now, and frankly I can barely type from the food coma.


M-H said...

So how's the weight loss going? :)

knitguyla said...

Open a button. That always works for me.

LaDivaCucina said...

Yes, I remember getting ""mexican" one time years ago on the north shore and ordering the queso fundido (cheese dip.) It was made with cream cheese instead of the usual chihuahua!!!

Kurt said...

i too adore mexican food -- it has become my soul food. growing up in montana (that's right near canada)it wasn't common, but since moving to los angeles i have found my comfort food!

anti ob said...

Come and visit us, here Mexican is like Thai is in Sydney....sooo good and everywhere.
Plus we have a couple of good Thai places so I don't miss home tooooo much.