Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Baby

Slip a something under the tree, for me.

Apologies for a paucity of posting, a dearth of disclosure, of late. We are currently so busy with Chrismukkah and Tall & Handsome-ness that we are doing 6 impossible things before breakfast. Some days seven! Cold fusion is on the list, but I may not get to it. This morning was a bijou Hangover Morning as we were at a leather bar until around 2.30am. And yet, I was still lined up at the Post Office at 9.30am. See, impossible!

I have a cake to bake, and then we're off to two social events this afternoon. A cake to re-bake I should say. Here's a hint kids, be sure and buy Self Raising Flour when the recipe calls for it, and don't just grab any old flour packet off the shelf in a fugue state of Supermarket Overload. Meanwhile I have a yummy frisbee if anyone wants one.



worldpeace and a speedboat said...

well, the rebake was delicious - or rather, the large crumbly bits left on the plate - I should have gotten to it quicker :-)

Ur-spo said...

kisses to you too dearie

The Other Andrew said...

I'm glad you like it speedy!

Ur-spo, back at ya!

Michael Guy said...

Someone left the cake out in the rain?

bada bing!