Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hot Cops

Or cop singular. Rookie, actually. Ladies and ladies I bring you Belgian hottie Nicolas Gob (let's overlook the name at this point), who plays out gay police rookie Kevin on the French show "Les Bleus" (The Rookies). The show has been around for a little while, and just started its second season in France. I first heard about the show on the media blog After Elton, but only recently got around to checking it out on youtube.

Nicolas does a lovely job. Late in the storyline a loved one ends up in hospital, and Nicolas gets to excercise his acting chops. Not just a pretty face... and a hot set of pecs.

Kevin falls for fellow cop Yann. Kevin slowly outs himself to all his workmates. Meanwhile fending off the advances of his closest gal pal.

In between there are bits and pieces of police procedural stuff, although the youtube clips are pretty much only really of the Kevin and Yann storyline. Youtube user Ztube31 has a playlist of 19 subtitled clips of Kevin's storyline in the show.

I cannot overstate how much we love this blue muscle shirt.

It's worth checking out. Not just for the blue muscle shirt.


Christopher said...

I can only wish to SOMEDAY make a blue muscle shirt look that good! or is it the other way 'round?

The Other Andrew said...

Amen sista. Amen.

Oh, and if you get to that place just remember... pics or it didn't happen!

Valerie said...

I wish I WAS that blue muscle shirt.

Victor said...

Where I can go to be arrested....by him?