Monday, December 01, 2008

Farewell To The Master

Jørn Utzon
April 9th, 1918 - November 29th, 2008

Opera House

Photo by me! Yes, it really looks like this.

Sydney didn't treat Utzon all that well back in the day, and even though the relationship thawed in recent years he became too frail to travel. So sadly he never got the thrill of standing by the water's edge looking across the harbour at its glory. Or climbed the steps to see a thrilling performance. Or sipped a sparkling on the balcony at interval, while a cruise ship sailed past.

Utzon was more than the Opera House, as this small gallery shows. Or even better, a search on Flickr that turns up over 600 results. Yet the Sydney Opera House is the perfect marriage of design and location. Something that seems so surprising and unlikely, and yet so perfect.

I'm sure Utzon came to understand the gift he gave Sydney, or at least I hope he did. Despite the acrimony of the past. Truly, Sydney would be so much the poorer without it.


Michael Guy said...

Andrew, THAT snap is awesome! Such a striking contrast!

thombeau said...


Ur-spo said...

Most people when they think of Sydney think of this opera house. Certainly if ever I get there, it is the one place I want to see up close.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! Truly this is one of the great iconic buildings of the world, but even as importantly it's a very important part of the thriving Sydney theatre and musical scene. Going to a performance on a Summer's night, and wandering outside with a glass of sparkling is a truly magical experience.