Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Message

Merry Christmas everybody! If you don't celebrate Christmas, or celebrate something else, well I wish you a very merry that too.

Oh, except for Pope Blah Blah The Whatever (I can't even bring myself to look up his correct name and number) I don't wish him anything. And that's because the generousity of the spirit of Christmas moves within me, because otherwise I'd be imagining squeezing his head. Hard. The old man in a dress and pumps gave his Christmas speech the other day and labelled me, and all my queer brothers and sisters, a scourge. Equal in threat to humanity with global warming.

Just how many flamers does it take to warm this globe?

So, I'm having a lovely Christmas morning but I'm also offended and annoyed. On the one hand he's a silly old fart in a dress, but on the other hand he's a silly old fart in a dress that millions of people around the world listen to and look to for guidance. Be on your guard heteros, we're out to get you! You and your procreating ways! Ugh. (Seriously, we want you to breed, someone's got to make more poofs and lezzers.)

So my Christmas message is the anti-Pope message this year. One of the reasons the gay community has embraced the rainbow flag as an emblem is because it takes all the colours of light to make a rainbow. That includes all you Straighty McStraightertons, and all the shades through to my own deepest pink. So think about embracing the concept of otherness this Christmas. Hug a hetero. Embrace a bisexual. Shake hands with a butch. Think about equanimity, and not separating ourselves off from others by the labels we attach to them. Sure, if you get to know them and they turn out to be assholes, well, so be it. At least we all gave them the benefit of the doubt, right?

Just don't let the message of intolerance and judgement spoil your Christmas. If you're a Christian, well maybe spare a prayer for the old man in a dress. A prayer for guidance and tolerance would be a nice place to start.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

well said and here here, Mr Deepest Pink!

doorbitch: ablogre. sort of like a troll I guess, but I imagine with more crooked teeth and a hunched back.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Speedy! ::shakes fist:: Solidarity!!

Quatrefoil said...

I only just found out about that particular message of hatred from the leader of 'my' religion. By 'my' religion, I refer to the church I'm currently not attending. I will indeed pray for the old homophobe to get a dose of tolerance and enlightenment, and I'll be doing it from the church down the road where they explicitly state that they welcome everyone regardless of age, race, religious belief or sexual orientation.

Personally, I'd like to claim the indigo on the rainbow for those of us who are straight but not breeding. Just doing my bit for the environment, you know.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Solidarity, Reg, you can always rely on me for some indignant/righteous fist shaking :-)

if you've got the indigo, Quatrefoil, can I have the violet?