Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One More Sleep

Christmas Eve everyone!

I'm having a quiet one in tonight. All through the house not a thing is stirring, not even a mouse. (Not since I set those traps anyway. Kidding!) Tall & Handsome drove north today to see friends and family and will be away until Sunday, when he's back briefly before heading back home clear across the country. My Christmas plans involve a sleep in and a lazy morning, a Christmas phone call with my family interstate, catching up with friends in the afternoon, dinner... and oodles of good cheer.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve, wherever you are and however you are spending it. Now get to bed or else Santa will never come!


jason said...

wishing you a very
happy christmas!

(and vainly resisting the urge to make a comment about "Santa's coming.")

Cecilia said...

Happy Christmas Andrew!
I'm enjoying my last few hours of peace before sister and family arrive this afternoon. I hope they arrive hungry. I've bought enough food to feed a small army!