Friday, December 12, 2008


I was a bit broken today, I have to say. Two farewell functions last night, on a school night nonetheless, a couple (or three) beers at one, a third share in two bottles of wine and then a couple of beers at the other. Oy. It was a fun night though, and although it sounds a lot like just a drinkfest it was actually more about friendships, and good food and conversation.

Keith is heading off to Melbourne, to a new relationship and to study theology. Damien is off to China, to some trekking, travel blogging and lots of exploring the food of China. I caught up with Keith and a bunch of our friends at the pub, before heading off to meet James and Damien. It seemed only fitting to go to a Chinese restaurant, and James informed me we were heading to "Sea Bay" in the city. "Sea Bay" turned out to be the place I have always known as That Dumpling Place, and although the formica tables and general decor have had an upgrade, I'm happy to report none of the dumplings have had a downgrade.

Tall & Handsome is away on a botany field trip until Sunday (just in case you wondered why he didn't feature in last night's drinkathon festivities). Lots of my friends read this blog and consequently have heard of him, and want to meet him. So far his schedule has meant he's been away when we've had get-togethers planned, so he's still a bit of a mystery. A secret. One I've been writing about on The Internets. (Can that still be a secret?) I've been thinking a lot about him though, and I'm looking forward to him getting back on Sunday night. I hope the weather on his field trip has been better than here in the city. It has poured down unrelentingly all day today, and is expected to continue all night. Even if tomorrow is going to soar up to 34C! (95F-ish) Weather is weird.

Tomorrow night is a combined Big Four Oh birthday party for the artistes known here as Mikey (the lovely ex) and World Peace And A Speedboat. 40! Bless. I remember it well. Sort of, because that party was a bit of a boozefest, frankly. (Does it count that between then and now there a couple of years where I didn't drink at all?) Tomorrow will be busy, and a late night probably. Sunday I'll probably head off to a big Christmas get-together at the Opera House for the local knitting community.

So it's a quiet, rainy, Tall & Handsome-less Friday night tonight. I've just made myself a veggie omelette for dinner. I might drag out the knitting. Maybe watch a bit of telly and listen to the rain thundering down outside. Not a bad night in, really.


Ur-spo said...

I concur staying indoors doing something quiet while rain falls out of doors sounds lovely.

ARJ said...

Sea Bay... droool... it's dangerous working near Sea Bay. The pumpkin dumplings are my favourite.

Michael Guy said...

Sounds like a fun drink-a-thon. And I sorta like staying put listening to the rain.

Have a good weekend, Andrew!

ALSO: lurve the Christmas header template! So festive!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks MG! Festive, yet kind of twisted. That's me in a nutsack.