Monday, December 08, 2008

A One Man Economic Recovery Machine

Our Prime Minister is exhorting people to get out there and spend, spend, spend. Oh sure, he's talking to the 'pensioners' and 'families' in particular, and he's giving them a bonus to encourage them to do so, but I'm a patriotic Australian. I take the words of our Prime Minister seriously.

When they suit me.

My new work paid me my first 3 days of work a week earlier than I expected, and unexpected money always feels like a gift, right? So last Saturday I braved the heat, and proceeded to cast my largesse far and wide. Paid it forward. I bought birthday gifts. I bought myself a new shirt. (Marcs, 50% off. Nice.) I bought a new tie. I bought wine and beer for Tall & Handsome's visit this week. I bought fabric, at 25% off the already discounted price... and hello, one of them is a black and blue check destined to be a kilt, so frankly I had no willpower against it. Oh yeah, I put a new sewing machine on layby.

Squeeee. Huskystar C20. On sale. My eyes rolled back in my head when I realised there were like 8 different types of buttonholes or sumfink. EIGHT. That's probably 5 or 6 more than I'll ever need! Awesome.

By the time I was shopping for shoes, the realisation that I had a list of Christmas gifts to buy at some point, started to put some of the brakes on. And by 'brakes' of course I mean guilt.

But, oh my dears, it felt so good to be doing my bit for Australia.


Mikey (TLE) said...

Is Tall and Handsome going to be in town on Saturday night? If so, please feel welcome to bring him to the Party.

Good to hear that the new job is working for you already.

freakgirl said...

I don't really know how to use one, but every time I see a sewing machine, I am totally WANT.

ARJ said...

Maybe once I get some sewing mojo we can have a Probert St sewing bee!

jason said...

"on layby"
I'm going to have to
start using that.
It sounds so dirty.

The Other Andrew said...

Mikey, in a fit of bad timing he's away on a field trip until Sunday now. :(

FG, I felt like I was cheating on my old machine when I bought this one. Adulterer! They're not as robustly made these days, but the range of features is fantastic. It has a bunny embroidery setting. And hearts. If only it had cupcakes.

ARJ, definitely. I'm up for it!

Jason, Layby. Lay-away. I'm all about the laying.

Victor said...

So Andrew, you lay back and thought of Australia! :-)

Ur-spo said...

Didn't you (Austalia) loose a Prime Minister once, by having him disappear down a hole?
I think of this whenever I hear about the Australia PM.

Meanwhile, spend spend spend.

The Other Andrew said...

Not down a hole, he went swimming at the beach... and never resurfaced!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh lucky you!

and good on you for doing a lay-by. god I love lay-bys. I don't need instant gratification (now there's a single entendre), I just love knowing it will be MINE.

as for the solidity of new machines: disappointing, isn't it. god, I miss my darling old Pfaff. weighed a tonne and went like the clappers. can't say that about domestic machines any more.