Friday, December 26, 2008

Hear My Dulcit Tones! Listen To Those Sibilant Esssssssses!

I totally forgot to post a link to my little interview on David Reidy's podcast "Sticks & String" a couple of weekends ago!

David came along to the knitting in public event at the Opera House on the 14th, and interviewed me for a couple of minutes. If you're not a knitter you'll have to listen to lots of knitting talk before my dulcit tones chime in, or (shhhhhh, don't tell David) if you want to fast forward I'm a little bit before the halfway point. Ish. After me David interviews a fellow male knitter, Courthouse Hotel pub knitting regular and my good friend, Kerry.

If you are a knitter (or are knitcurious, or questioning) then check out the rest of David's podcasts. The episode I'm in is Episode 87: S.K.I.P.


thombeau said...

Ooh, darling, you sound just as adorable as you ARE! Love you!!!

The Other Andrew said...

Awww, ain't you the sweetest! Love you back!!

Michael said...

OK, maybe it's the holiday or maybe you are JUST THAT FREAKING ADORABLE, but now I'm verklempt. My favorite is that little surprised "oh" that comes out when he asks you what you'd like if someone were knitting for you. That's when they gay comes out.

Have I mentioned how freaking adorable you sound? That's not patronizing, right? And when I say "freaking adorable" I mean to say I want to take you home and work you over part by part, if that changes the impression at all.

We've joked over the years, but you actually ARE a delightful hobbit, aren't you?

The Other Andrew said...

Ha! That's me, a-dor-able! (Have you been drinking?)

Oh, and "that's when the gay comes out". LOL. Dude, we were KNITTING, the gay wasn't exactly HIDDEN. :)

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, and can I just say, STILL waiting for someone to knit me that throw rug. Christmas is a disappointment every damn year.

And, I love the way David says "fair enough" several times during the interview just after I've delivered what I consider a DAZZLING bon mot. It's the Aussie bloke version of whatever.

Michael said...

He seemed bemused.