Friday, May 20, 2005

Well I Shall Pick Up My Lung, And Go Then

After having been home sick most of this week with bronchitis, I rolled up at my new job this morning (Hi there, remember me?) only to be back out the door on my way home within the hour. I have a history of bronchitis as a child, and whenever I get it as an adult (thankfully not very often) I have a cough that is part consumptive and part Irish Wolfhound. Soooo, with a look in their eyes which was about 40% concern and 60% fear they bundled me back out the door. Actually they were very sweet, even asking if I had someone at home to look after me.

Actually no, but thanks for rubbing my face in that, bitches.*

* Of course, I kid. I was very touched that they thought of asking.

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