Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Strange Days

Hi, this is your bronchitis speaking...

Urgh. Today has been a really strange day. A day of feeling physically and emotionally flat, frustrated, listless, bored... I guess melancholic wouldn't be too far off the mark. Hey, but I summoned up the strength of will to shower. That's a good thing, right?

Some randomness about today, heavy on the whinge:
  • Earlier my computer monitor did a weird screen wobble thing (as it does every now and then) and now I have no red. NO. RED. [sigh] So everything is dingy grey greeny blues where before they were almost rosy coloured. Suddenly porn most of my favourite websites have become less apealling.
  • I think I have lost my mobile phone, I can't find it anywhere and suspect it might have fallen out of my jacket pocket. To add insult to injury, the phone company bitches just sent me a bill.
  • Of course, my bedroom is such a pigsty at the moment it could be in here somewhere and I probably wouldn't know it. (The last time I know I had it was when I was at the movies, and I turned it off. So I can't even do the 'ring myself to find it' trick.) No phone = no phone numbers. I don't have an address book.
  • I've just spent the past few hours on Queer Filter finding new blogs to read, and suspecting that everyone is a better blogger than me.
  • I suspect I'm having a fat attack.
  • Curiously, I'm feeling oddly horny. Maybe I'm becoming a sexed up depressive 'bear'?

    Gah. Don't adjust your set, we will soon resume normal programming.

    Mike said...

    Let's see. Sick, depressed, a little fat and living in near squalor. The only way you could be sexier to me right now is if you revealed you are also missing a digit(s).

    The Other Andrew said...

    Sweet talker. Yeah well, I left off the neck brace and the ADHD meds just so you wouldn't blow right there and then. Oh, and I know I haven't ever posted pics of the double wide I live in, but 'squalor' might be a tad harsh.

    Mikey said...

    I said NEAR squalor. ;-)
    Find your mobile yet?

    The Other Andrew said...

    The mobile is still AWOL. :-( The bill for it is here though! So, like, yay.

    'Mikey' - is this a new moniker? I need to point out that I have/had a huge cast of Michaels in my life:
    - Mikey, friend and ex-boyfriend
    - Michael (aka Dog Show Man) another ex-boyfriend
    - Michael (Greek Michael) best friend through primary and high school
    - Michael (aka Bodhi), new friend I met through this blog
    - Michael, 2xist wearing hotness, Freakgirl frequent commenter and wicked good flirt - which would be you right?(aka Mike and Rock the Mike... I think?)