Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Put Your Thinking Caps On

On Friday May 20th this blog will celebrate its first birthday. (Note the adorable way I speak about it in the third person, as if I had nothing to do with it? Well I ask you, quite frankly, wouldn't you distance yourself from it?)

Soooo, I'm asking for suggestions on what I should do to celebrate the occasion. Keep in mind that I don't have enough time to get a) a tan and b) lose about 6 kilos, so no suggestions involving baby oil and public nekkidity will be considered. All of you are above that sort of thing, natch.

Should I:
  • Write something interesting? (Please.) Oh, maybe only in haiku's!?
  • Pretend I only speak Esperanto?
  • Set up a webcam and take blurry, arty, self indulgent pics of myself (and maybe my cat, if I had one) and then blog endlessly about how the internet has stolen my life?
  • Every time somebody speaks to me, scrunch up my face and answer only in a Pee Wee Herman voice?

    OK, so see how I'm struggling here? I need your creative input. In the old days I would have added get all liquored up and make inappropriate sexual advances at strangers, but as you all know I have eschewed that sort of behaviour.
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