Thursday, May 05, 2005

Abandonment Issues

This abandoned Japanese tree top Lounge Bar could easily pass for something from a post-apocalypse movie set. ...and, cue zombies!

[Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the best pics. Link via things magazine.]

In a similar vein, there was an abandoned Thai restaurant on busy Parramatta Road near where I live, which used to fascinate me. The tables were set with cutlery, folded napkins and tablecloths, the bar was stocked with bottles, all of which was covered in a thick layer of dust. (I say 'was' because it looks like after years of being abandoned the building has finally been leased by someone else and cleared up.)

I always wondered did they a) know they were closing down, but thought 'well, we might as well keep our standards up and set these tables!' or b) something tragic happened and all the staff disappeared without a trace. I'm sure the truth of the matter is more like the owner just told everyone at the end of the night not to bother coming in the next day, but you would think they would at least go back and sell off all the items that were salvageable.

Am I the only person that ever thinks about this stuff? What is my fascination with abandoned buildings?

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