Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday!

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This blog is one year old today. One. Year. Wow, that time has flown fast.

This blog has been lots of fun so far, and I have no plans to step away from it anytime soon. So you'll get no hand wringing and forehead clutching here. Sure I go through moments of doubt; is it interesting?, have I found a consistent 'voice'?, why don't more people visit or comment?... blah de blah. Those are only moments though. I really admire bloggers that have a distinct style or voice in their blogs, but frankly I'm happiest just posting any old crap that jumps to mind or takes my interest.

I started this blog on a whim and too much sugar on 20th May 2004. Day two of my blog my ex-boyfriend Mikey left a comment from Hong Kong (after I gave him the url). My next comment however wasn't until four months later when I got a comment from an anonymous poster and then one from this nice lady on the same post. One day the sister of a friend left a comment out of the blue, which was a pleasant surprise (and a reminder anyone could read this thing).

I gained a bit of momentum, started getting more readers, and when I put a site meter on here early this year discovered that I was indeed getting a reasonable number of readers. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised. Discovering how to post pictures was a revelation, and then fooling around with the blogger template led to such 21st century technologies as sidebar 'links'. Go me!

The past year has seen some fairly big changes. I went from starting to dip my toe into getting more seriously involved in Buddhism, to studying more seriously, getting more involved in the centre and now doing lots of volunteering and running the bookshop. I quit drinking alcohol and gave up meat, both of which I feel better for. I quit the job that I was unhappy in, stepped outside that comfort zone and found that my skills were not only appreciated out there but also quite lucratively marketable. I made some new friends, discovered that small children were not as scary as I had convinced myself they were, and grew increasingly comfortable with being single. Some of the changes were rough at the time, but in hindsight a pretty good year of forward momentum.

So, have a great day. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting where you feel like it. Drop in anytime, you're always welcome.


Michael said...

Happy Birthday, TOA!
I read this and dutifully followed the links and references like the good boy I am, only to find that "an anonymous poster" was ME, posting about gym locker room crushes, no less. Go figure. And yes, all you straight guys out there, I am checking out your ass in the locker room, but only if it's fine and round, so the rest of you can relax.
It sounds like this last year you have made big changes, conquering fear, and you are beginning to reap the benefits. Inspiring me, bro! To make my own changes. Starting with never saying "bro" again.

The Other Andrew said...

Ha, I always suspected you were 'Anonymous' mr Michael E! I left off getting cruised by an internet hottie (oh, you know you are), but trust me, that was a highlight of the year too.

And yes, 'bro'. What were you thinking? Smooches.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! It was a nice surprise to discover your blog too. I was just randomly clicking this off Aussie Blogs and thought "hmmm, this bloke sounds really familiar ... "

Bodhi said...

Happy 1st Blogday Andrew!

It certainly does appear that is has been an interesting, challanging and productive past year. And I for one want to thank you for taking to time to "just post any old crap that jumps to mind or takes my interest", and in a small way allowing us to at least take a small peek into some of that journey with you. Though a latecomer here at TOA, its now become a daily part of my life. It's especially been a real pleasure to met the man behind the blog and developing friendship (or kalyana mitra if you want me to be all Buddhist about it - lol).

Good to see that children don't scare you as much as they used too. As long as you keep Rabbit away from red cordial, sugar, caffeine, and quite possibly lightsabers, you will find he is perfectly well behaved ;-) And of course The Kid is just perfect.

Sadhu! [Deep bow]

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS. I can never say "bro" again? But its awesome! Dude, bro, thats, like, totally harsh. Total bummer.

Like chill, OK.