Monday, May 23, 2005


So, Eurovision is over for another year. I didn't get to watch the the entire broadcast as a) my tv reception for the channel it is shown on goes from unpredictable to bad, b) still having bronchitis, I split early for bed and c) I was home alone, and so what's the fun in watching Eurovision without having someone to hear your scathing remarks? I visited some friends on Friday night and we sat down as a group to watch the second elimination round, which was almost as entertaining.

Some highlights for me:
  • General consensus when Ireland stepped out on stage and we copped a look at Joe of 'Donna & Joe'... somewhere a chatroom is missing a geek.
  • We actually grabbed an atlas to find out where the heck were Andorra (apparently not Endora) and Moldova (apparently not Moldavia, where people find themselves 'jumping the shark' as part of a massacre on their wedding day).
  • Slovenia, kind of cute in a Euro-punk-slacker way but with a fairly forgettable song (Voice Of Reason: aren't they all a bit forgettable?)
  • Latvia, dull pair of Bel Ami* boys
  • Bosnia Herzegovina, old school. A little bit incomprehensible, a little bit like recycled Eurovision winners from the past 20 years, a bit of iffy fashion and lots of peroxide.

Now that's Eurovision!

*Bel Ami is a purveyor of, shall we say 'all male erotica', specialising in fresh faced Euro boys (18+ of course) - don't ask me how I know this.


Bodhi said...

Hmmmmmmm .... Bel .... Ami.... Boys...

Speaking of which I got a bit of my own Bel Ami action last night. Tres cute, met in Newtown after I ran the class on Sunday night. Went back to his place (a penthouse, no less, I kid you not!) ... and .... ummm .... suffice to say I got back to my place for breakfast this morning.

I'm still trying to wipe the smile off my face.

I missed Eurovision this year as was otherwise engaged by The Kid and Rabbit on Fri/Sat, and my cutie last night (Sun). But I think I will cope ;-)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Gays of our Lives ...

Sydney, Australia

PS. Note to self - put Latvia as a priority on my future travel destinations.

The Other Andrew said...

No. You. DIDN'T!!

Envy is a negative mind-state right?... [attachment, attachment...] Sigh. Well, I'm happy for you. No, really I am.


BTW, apparently Bel Ami boys are getting beefier these days, not quite the skinny young twinks they once were. It's all those Czecks and Russians. (So a friend told me anyway.)

Bodhi said...

Oh yes, MOI did!

In fact, I just spoke with aforementioned hotness on the phone, and he is coming over to my place tonight ...... :-)

Happy Happy Happy!
Joy Joy Joy!

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS ... ummm, yeah, a fellow ... friend ... also told me those Bel Ami boys are getting a bit beefier too. Allegedly .... supposedly ... so I am told ...

The Other Andrew said...

You know, this gloating thing... not attractive. Mkay?


I kid! As I said, I'm happy for you. REALLY.