Monday, January 19, 2009

We're Holding Out For A Hero!

Saturday part two.

After lunch at the beach, James and I made the trek to Mary-Helen and Sandra's newly improved and expanded home for a housewarming party. A trek that included getting a bit lost, and quite a bit more sunburned. James has already made mention on his blog of the various tribes that interconnected at the party. The Venn Diagram of knitters/bloggers/friends/work colleagues that made up the guests.

Mary-Helen & Sandra's Housewarming

Mary-Helen & Sandra's housewarming.

It was amusing to me to be introduced to people and to hear a few minor variations on the statement "So, you're not one of the knitters ho-ho." posed. Well, yes I am... but not only. (I'm also in the Venn Diagram where knitter, blogger and friend intersect.) Male knitters are still off most people's radar, but I'm really quite fine with that. I like seeing how people react. Of course Mark was there also, who was representing the even rarer breed. Straight Male Knitter.

Lyndell's Vintage

Lyndell's gorgeous vintage coat. COVET.

The party was lots of fun. I met some new people, spent as much time as possible keeping my ever pinkening skin out of the sun, ate waaaay too much barbecue and dessert, drank wine, chatted to friends and developed a series case of Real Estate Envy at the extensions and renovations Mary-Helen and Sandra have done to their home.

Reecie On Vocals

Reecie on vocals.

Afternoon drew on into evening and at about 9pm Kris suggested we head back to their house for to play Guitar Hero on their Wii. Now, I'm not much of a one for computer games. Sometime after Pong and Space Invaders my interest waned, with a brief blip when I discovered the smiting fun of Diablo on Mikey (the lovely ex's) old computer. But, well, Wii is a whole different kettle of crazy bleep bloopy fish. I'm a convert.

Izzy On Bass

Izzy on bass.

So we rocked it out to Guitar Hero. OMG so much fun! I saved everyone the exquisite torture (and not in a good way) of hearing me sing, and stuck to paying bass guitar. Plus, given that the game tracks your ballpark pitch I really don't need that kind of judging. I know I'm flatter than a lizard drinking thank you, Judgy McJudgerton.

Rocking Out

Rocking out, srsly.

What I didn't know though was I'm kind of a natural on bass. Well, as a first timer on a small plastic bass with buttons instead of strings that is. By the second of Snook's homebrews things started to run off the rails a little, but I was Suzy Quatro at her peak while it lasted. (My run that is, hers has lasted considerably longer.) Once you get the hang of the button placement and how much delay/anticipation you need to hit the notes, the rest is rhythm. And can I just say, one thing I've got in spades is rhythm. You know it's true!

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Mark said...

As I commented to Snook at the party, I'm not a particularly "serious" knitter - I don't even have a ravelry account!

But now you have me wanting to draw a Venn diagram - but I don't know enough of the people there to do it justice.

On a related note, there are some cool toys for facebook that draw connection diagrams between your friends.