Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saving Face

Up until quite recently I was a rather large critic of The Facebook, that thing in which The Young People always seemed to be poking each other via The Internets. I still disagree with many of their corporate practices, but a couple of weeks ago I signed up in the hope of tracking down some people I used to know from school.

Well. Much of it is still annoying to this grumpy old man, but in the past two weeks I have found:
  • The boy who lived across the road when I was growing up, who is still living in my old home town, and married his husband in Canada in 2006.
  • The woman who was my closest friend for years, and in the late 80s before I moved to Sydney was my house mate. In a week or so she and her daughter will be swinging through Sydney and she's going to crash the night at my place.
  • A guy I met through work many years ago, and along with his best friend the three of us were inseparable for the longest time. He moved to LA in the mid 90s and we all drifted apart. He's now married to a lovely man and still working in LA for the same company.

Cool huh? I can certainly see the attraction. I still haven't found the school friends I was initially looking for but still, what an embarrassment of riches!


Cecilia said...

Oh no, Andrew, you have succumbed!! I am trying so hard to stay off Facebook. From what I can see, it's pretty addictive and I already have too many ways to waste time on the internet!

I can see the attraction of finding old friends again though. No no... Must. Resist. :)

thombeau said...

Welcome to the internet, Andrew. What?

Ur-spo said...

welcome to the pod people!!

NannaPeter said...

I too, overall have been unsuccessful in finding High School & early Uni pals. - I did find my Zoology prac pal of 2 yrs & I'm excited to find out what she is up to.